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Subject Experienced GM for Sejong Georgia plant
Writer MattMckinnon (m_mckinnon@ymail.com)
Date 2009-08-05 [02:55:28] Visit 8,582

I am a resident of Lagrange, Georgia and have 10 years experience managing Tier 1 parts suppliers to Asian transplants.  My resume is attached and I would like to be considered for your new Georgia facility.


Matt M. Mckinnon

54 Old Newton Rd. S., Lagrange, Ga, 30240

m_mckinnon@ymail.com       (256)-417-4365




Leadership    Supervisory    Organizational    Analytical    Operations



Highly accomplished and multi-dimensional professional with demonstrated achievements in both domestic and international environments.  An impressive history of management of complex activities in rapidly changing environments. Solid business management experience with the ability to ascertain and analyze needs, forecast goals, streamline operations, and envision new concepts. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills serve as the foundation to effectively network, collaborate, negotiate, and maintain positive partnerships. Recognized as a dynamic yet dependable leader with an empowering and participatory management style that breeds accountability, teamwork, and continuous improvement.




Mentoring & Coaching                  Lean/Six Sigma

Managing Growth                          Standardization/Best Practices       Strategic Planning                          New Product Launches

Quality System Implementation    Technology Development   Visionary Leadership                                      P&L Management                          Operations Management                Change Management




Meadowcraft, Inc. ? Wadley, Al                          April 2008 to July 2009

VP of Operations/General Manager


Full P&L responsibility for the Plantation Patterns division, which was the largest American manufacturer of wrought-iron patio furniture.  The Wadley operation consisted of 1.3 million square feet under roof on a 75 acre property with a unionized (RWDSU) work-force of 700 and a salaried staff of 60.   Major customers included Home Depot, Walmart and Lowe뭩. Total annual sales of this division exceeded $120 million.   Recruited to this position to drive change and directed the activities of Quality, Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing, Finance, Material and Warehouse/Distribution departments.




? Salary and indirect head reduction resulting in an annualized savings of $700,000

? Productivity improvement from 40% to in excess of 100%  in 6 months

? Quality system enhancements that reduced rework by 30% and field claims by 25%

? Reduction of controllable overhead expenses by 25%

? Completed 6 months of operation with zero lost time accidents

? Operating margin increased from negative 1% to positive 8% on a reduced volume




SANOh America, Inc. ? Scottsboro, Al           January 2004 to March 2008

Plant Manager


Transferred to Alabama to assume responsibility for both the Alabama and Mississippi facilities.  Manufactured brake lines, fuel lines and fuel and cooler assemblies.  The facilities were non-union with a total of 280 employees and combined sales of approximately $60 million. Tier 1 sequenced supplier to Nissan, Hyundai, Honda and Toyota in addition to several Tier 2 customers.  Assumed responsibility for the Southern plants with the role of implementing effective leadership through a period of multiple launches and sales growth.    




? Successful implementation of a new ERP system (Plexus)

? Designed and managed a 15,000 square foot plant addition

? Achieved a head-count reduction of 40 people through the implementation of flexible automation and robotics

? Launched 95 part numbers in 2004 while maintaining 100% on-time delivery and a PPM of 11

? Completed Six Sigma Black Belt program



SANOh of Canada, Ltd. ? Orangeville, Ontario      Jan. 1998 to Dec. 2003

Plant Manager


Recruited as the first employee and was responsible for the start-up of the Canadian division.  Produced steel and nylon tubing assemblies for shipment to Honda Canada Manufacturing, Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada, New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. and Cami Automotive.  The Orangeville facility quickly gained a reputation for maintaining a safe environment for Associates, superior quality and delivery performance for customers and profit in excess of budget for stake-holders.  After completing a major plant expansion in Orangeville assumed responsibility for Brasilian operation in addition to Canada.




? 2 days of lost time due to injury in 5 year period

? 100% on-time delivery performance

? IS0 9002 Registration, ISO 14001 Registration, TS 16949 Registration

? Leading division in scrap, efficiency, customer PPM and EHS metrics

? Designed, supervised construction and launched new 91,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility

? Growth in sales to $800,000 per week with 110 employees

? Successful implementation of Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing techniques




Manac Inc. - Orangeville, Ontario             August 1995 to December 1997

Plant Superintendent


Assigned the task of leading a team of unionized employees engaged in manufacturing 53? semi-trailers for the North American market.  Responsible for the activities of 8 departments ? maintenance and material receiving plus 6 manufacturing departments.  The operations included metal fabrication, gas metal arc welding, flux core arc welding, electro-static painting, finishing and general assembly.  Assumed various roles within the organization and was recognized as a leader in promoting change within the frame-work of a Continuous Improvement Environment.  Although  a high volume, assembly-line operation division was renowned for ability to satisfy special customer requirements in the areas of on-time delivery, specification and quality.  Within 3 years of opening, Manac expanded to employ in excess of 350 unionized and salaried employees.  In this same time frame, direct labor costs were reduced by more than 20 per cent.  This was achieved through constant training, employee empowerment, method changes and selective investment in technology.


Pyke Manufacturing Ltd. ? Oshawa, Ontario          May 1992 to August 1995

Plant Manager


Directed the activities of approximately 60 unionized personnel.  Operation consisted of  welding  and machining of large assemblies, as well as hydraulic, electrical and mechanical assembly activities.  The company was a unique manufacturer of mobile, on-track Railway Maintenance Equipment for the North American market.  Responsibilities included all facets of Operations Management, including scheduling, cost control/reduction, labor relations, health & safety, and maintenance.


Venmar Lisi Inc. ? Smiths Falls, Ontario        May 1982 to Nov. 1991

Plant Manager/Director


Joined this manufacturer of HVAC equipment as an Engineer.  The challenge was to be innovative and cost-conscious and to introduce modern technology into the manufacturing environment.  After several rapid promotions, was promoted to Plant Manager in 1987.  Had complete discretionary powers in all areas related to the Smiths Falls facility, which consisted of 120 hourly Associates and 20 salaried.  Became quite adept in the various facets of operating a remote manufacturing facility and gained a solid grounding in metal-working techniques and all areas of Operations Management.  Successfully led a team of technical people through a period of change and growth. 


Key achievements:


? Implementation of  MRP system

? Supervision of a 29,000 square foot expansion

? Introduction of World Class Manufacturing techniques

? Appointment to company Board of Directors in 1989





Mechanical Engineering Technologist (CET) ? Algonquin College, Ottawa, Ontario


Six Sigma Black Belt/Lean Master ? ITT Industries/University of Michigan





English, working knowledge of French and basic Portuguese





Rotary International - served on the board of directors of three different clubs over the past 20 years.



Director of the Alabama Automotive Manufacturing Association (2004-2008)



Chairperson of the Automotive Manufacturers Improvement Network of Alabama (AMINA - northern chapter) (2005-2008)


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